Thursday, August 24, 2017

{mom takes a trip}

Mom had another spell last night right as we sat down for dinner. Carbon copy of her other mini strokes. Huge yawning being a classic symptom, least for her, and with others so I've read. This one lasted over an hour with her BP dropping to the 60s over the 40s. Called 911. Transported. She came around gradually and was herself once we got to the hospital.

Long story short, they admitted her at midnight. High white blood cell count. BP rise steadily once she was in the ER and was 180s over 70s when we left for her to be taken to her room.

No updates, but am encouraged she's still there. Must not have found the source for the white blood cell number.

Sounds mean to say it, but it's awesome that she's not here. And funny thing, she actually enjoys the hospital. Great food....really, and all the attention she loves. A win-win.

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Gloriade said...

Perhaps that's your answer Melissa. That she feels safe and happy in the hospital, just as she perks up when the home health care people arrive. Maybe a care home is where she would be the happiest. Still praying for you and your family.