Tuesday, September 12, 2017

{a rainy tuesday }

Well, Irma came here to western Tennessee with breezy weather yesterday and today a misty rain. Very thankful. Harvey was another matter a couple of weeks ago. Gusty then and a downpour. A bit pooped with anticipation of wind, and so glad it didn't happen. Supposedly it depends on which side of the storm you're on as to how fierce the wind is. You'll hear no complaints from me.

Tea in bed. Seriously, I do this most every morning. Smartest thing I do all day. Window cracked open a bit. Drizzly and chilly. Really, a perfect day. Only the least one here with me. Everyone else is already at work.

Bought some 'on sale' round steak yesterday and will put it in the Crock-Pot with the seasonings for Mississippi Pot Roast. Just need puttery tasks to settle my nerves. Easy cooking. Nothing to tax my wee brain.

Today needs to be a slow day, as tomorrow has me running around. Taking and picking up kids at work and a meeting at Mom's nursing home. They're moving her into another room with a chatty woman. They say Mom seems depressed, wanted to switch her roommate situation and also asked if they can have her evaluated. She's still staring at her hands. Won't engage. Says she's ready to die. Yep, heard all that before. Not to sound hard, but your time's not up yet!

What she wants is to watch TV all day, have unlimited access to her cellphone, food brought to her and that, pretty much, wraps it up. Good luck with that. Her mantra while she lived here was: "I shouldn't have to do anything I don't want to do." Huh.
Next grandbaby due in about 4 weeks. Can't thank the Lord enough that with little Adelaide way out in California, we'll have baby Hazel here. This daughter in law has been laughing about feeling addled. Baby on the brain. She's amazing. Going for her doctorate, and has surprised all of us by being so maternal about her pregnancy, since she comes across so professional and business-like. She even admits being sideways about how to handle it all after Hazel is born.

Just do today.

Got to get it in gear. Exhale. All is well. Today.


netablogs said...

Love those baby girl names! I'm hoping maybe you'll post a pic of your grandchildren, but of course, I understand if you don't ;) So exciting to have a little one close by. I'm sure enjoying my little grandson Clark - 4 months already! Such a joy to visit him and see him smiling when he sees us! It won't be long and you'll be snuggling a little one, too!

Cathy said...

I am sitting here on my computer this cloudy Tuesday afternoon remembering early this morning...the rain, how I wanted to stay in bed! I am thinking of you sitting in bed drinking your tea with the sound of rain through your opened window. Pleasant.

Puttering days, you know when it gets down to it I believe that is one of the things I do the best. But my puttering has such direction and duty too! Like yours does.

Mississippi Pot Roast...is it the spices that give it the name and distinction? I put Vegetable/beef soup on to simmer today, it was necessary for me to move it to the crockpot because I had to make a trip to take Charlotte to her Algebra class. Smells so good in my house.

I absolutely love the names your children gave your granddaughters!

Gloriade said...

Sounds like a peaceful day. I love just puttering. Today I am driving my mother about 40 minutest from here to a mall she likes so she can get a little shopping done. Tomorrow is bible study and Friday I get to watch Ava so her mom can go to work, the best day of all. :)

Bonnie said...

so exciting these grands, aren't they! I read the recent blog and saw your wreath. Knew the book ( put a hold on it at the library) helped you. The Holy Spirit blowing in and answering so many prayers.