Wednesday, September 6, 2017

{good news and chatter}

Oldest brother to the rescue.  He did go see the social worker yesterday and arranged (with his own money) to have Mom stay where she is till the end of the month.  Buys us some time.  Can maybe get Medicaid reinstated.  Talk about working fast.  Mom has to leave her current situation after her extended time is up, and no idea where that'll be.  But today is good.  Settled.  Not mind-bending.

Lovely day.  Windows up.  Sunshine.  Second day of the least one's school went swimmingly, partly because, as she said, she doesn't like to appear dumb.  She likes learning.  Brilliant to teach a willing student.  Sometimes in the past it was a wrestling match with some of my children.  Homeschooling isn't all pajamas and sleeping in. 

Began reading Steinbeck's East of Eden over the weekend, and had seen great reviews from years past, but had never read it before.  The thing is, it irritated me.  Made me mad.  Made me mad at men.  Go figure.  Put it down and saw in my library pile a book by Gene Stratton-Porter called The Bee-Keeper.  I can't tell you how much I love it.  Fits the place in my head perfectly, plus lots of information about bees that I'm sharing with my own personal bee-man.  It's just plain sweet.

Woodboy ordered more coffee beans online to roast and grind.  A new interest encouraged by our friend, Mark (thanks old friend!).  Well, they took awhile to get here, and in the meantime, his coffee jar came up empty one morning after brewing a pot before work.  That day the order came.  Not a big deal of a story, but sort of a spiritual lesson.  Timing. 

Speaking of timing.  Praying for Hurricane Irma to continue to bear north-eastward.  Looks like she has ever so slightly. Not to bombard Bermuda in the end, but to be pressed away from Florida and out to sea and to dissipate.  Now wouldn't that be a clear sign of God's hand, His awesome and enormous hand touching that storm and managing it?  Might happen, but might not.  There might be a lesson here as well. 

With California daughter-in-law's pregnancy being a breech and the due date on the 25th of this month, she's frustrated, which I can understand.  Nobody wants a C-section when you were expecting a regular birth.  Not able to be manipulated by her doctor last week, so we turn it over.  Hidden reason?  Don't know.

Trust Me, He says.

Work in the shop.  All is well.


Diane said...

Those three little words sound so wonderful: All is well. About time, lol.

Gloriade said...

Hi Melissa, That is good news. So glad your brother came through. It's often the case that men are much more comfortable helping with the business end of things rather than the day to day physical care of someone.

Read East of Eden for our book club a couple of years ago. It's a well written book but not really my cup of tea. I have never been a Steinbeck fan, way too gloomy. We have been praying about the hurricane that it will stay off shore and God will grant mercy to all those in peril's way. Blessings to you and yours.