Monday, September 4, 2017

{on a monday}

There's an image that keeps playing in my head, pretty much showing what's going on in my life. It's of a hibernating bear slowly lumbering out of a dark cave, holding its paws in front of him, like a blind man, wincing at the light. But someone/thing repeatedly keeps dragging him back, and he has to continually experience the bright light. Back and forth.

Not to be overly-dramatic, but that's how I feel. As soon as I think I've got my mom's situation set in my mind for a day, I get a call or a text pulling me back. My girls tell me to turn off my phone, because if anyone needs me regarding Mom, they'll try the next number if they can't get me.


So as I updated on Saturday's post, my oldest brother is seeing the social worker on Tuesday. Fine. Put a period on it. He texts Sunday afternoon all worked up about us getting furniture we want out of Mom's house. Got his knickers all in a twist. Says he wants to get someone in to look at her house by month's end. Smoke and mirrors. What we'll do is get our stuff out and see what happens. Watch my brothers squirm, because my immediate family has steadily been working at her house since January. My brothers have been over there twice. You heard me, twice.

Unfortunately the negative energy of others is disruptive and contagious.

We've been talking at my house that Mom's house needs to go, preferably while she's living to avoid probate. Yawn. My brothers have twiddled their collective thumbs. Oldest brother has a huge task ahead of him, but isn't aware of how we've already whittled down the amount of stuff from her house, because he never goes over there.

Now he's anxious, as he well should be, but I'm sorta done with saving the day. And it's not that my own family has done anything amazing, we've just not waited till the last minute.

Have heard about this neat trick folks use, my brothers included, to keep their sanity, or to hold folks at bay. Supposedly works like a charm if you're serious. It's called NO.

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