Sunday, September 10, 2017

{sunday night}

Feeling more human, whatever that means.  More myself.  Sort of in a daze, though, with little Adelaide Joy being born, and it's odd not being with her in person.  California is a long way off!  But maybe they'll be able to come for Thanksgiving, which was our son and his wife's original thought.  Not sure.  Love that baby fiercely.  My goodness.  I have several of her photos on my phone, both on the home page and the lock screen.  Little angel.  Funny how you fall in love instantly, and I was that way with our babies.  BAM, love.  And Hazel Grace is due in about five weeks.  Praise God for His generosity to us in allowing us a baby here.  I stand amazed.

Light week.  Possible meeting at my mom's nursing home on Wednesday.  Will call and see.  Nevertheless, probably need to pop in and see her.  My goodness, it's wonderful having distance both physical and emotional.  Back to feeling myself.  Pull back layers and there I am. 

Painted the shutters this weekend a beautiful glossy black.  Remind self next time in using this Rustoleum---buy more mineral spirits.  Got down to the dregs.  With our bright blue wood doors, the iron doors are the black as well.  And the fall wreaths just pop with the brown and cream and rust colors against that blue.  Very pleased.

In the past year, since Mom's second stroke last September, I've been in a fog.  Very little decorating or household fussing has gone on, but have been on survival mode.  I rub my eyes, look around and think, Man, this place needs some attention.  Toss and clean.  Fall is more of my time to do spring cleaning anyhow.  Tidy for the holidays.  I feel hopeful.  Isn't it a shame what people do to one another?  A pure shame.

Things are good with our kids.  God is faithful.  Nothing changed in lifestyles, but we're all getting along very well.  I tell my girls I'm weary of angst, and to draw anyone to Christ I have to be loving.  Firm in my convictions, yes, but loving first, I think.  At the baby shower a couple of weeks ago, my girls and husband met our gay son's boyfriend.  All went well.  I hugged the boyfriend before we left and he whispered that they'd have us for dinner.  Oh my.  Bless my husband.  This is HARD.  Not sure if that'll fly or not.  Neutral ground is safe, but to enter homes, that's sacred space no matter.  If it was up to me, I'd have them both for the holidays.  May grace pour over all of us.  Make good decisions based on love.  Need to water this very well with prayer.  Looked over photos my husband had on his phone of the shower and one was of our son and his boyfriend.  I asked him....what's up with this, surprised you took this.  He said it was just such a good shot.  Bless him.

Waiting for the rain and maybe some wind with Irma.  Maybe she'll have worn herself out before getting this far.  More prayer.  If nothing else, these crazy storms are calling attention to Him.


Cathy said...

How sweet were you many comments, and all appreciated.

Are you familiar with Rosaria Butterfield's books? You may find them helpful. I am presently reading her second one entitled Openness Unhindered; I learn much from her regarding the LGBT community.

I think of your blog as a running journal of your days and times. Your honesty and vulnerability are inviting, I only wish I was as brave as you are.
What would we do without the LORD's help?

M.K. said...

I agree with you about loving first, trying to rid myself of negativity and judgment. I think of that regarding friends, regarding family members. What does it cost me to be loving? To be kind? So happy for your new babies. And glad you are feeling better. I need to get out and do things to the house too, but I am lethargic. I love autumn decorating.