Friday, September 22, 2017

{the king and i}

'The King and I' last night with the girls.  Absolutely wonderful.  Got me to thinking about seeing it years and years ago, back in the eighties.  Yul Brynner in his farewell tour.  Seriously.  I went with my brother to help usher at the same location where the girls and saw it last night.  I told the girls after we got home that I'd seen it before, though at the time I didn't appreciate the event for the specialness of it.  The least one asked who Yul Brynner was, not recognizing his name.  I said the original King.  She's seen the movie with him in it.  She said, "You're kidding, right?  That makes me sick."  Pure envy.  I felt like a celebrity myself telling her that!

Trying to keep my head on straight.  Still in a fog.  Trying to not focus on my mom.  Uninvite her from my head.  Do fun things.  Try not to be so static.  Move around, enjoy life. 

Found a wonderful quote this week:  'You will feel better than this.  Maybe not now...but you will.  You just keep living, until you are alive again.'


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Charm and Grace said...

Love it!! Yul Brynner, what an amazing actor. I had a similar experience seeing Richard Harris (in the late 80s) in a live stage production of Camelot. WHAT a treat!!