Thursday, October 26, 2017

{more hazel}

Okay, so I was sort of warned about the deep feelings that hit you when your child has a child.  A couple of friends at church had cautioned me of the intense feelings.  The reality doesn't come close to the warning, though.

Our daughter-in-law had gestational diabetes and Hazel Grace hit 41 weeks on Monday.  Things didn't progress as her (very cautious) doctor wanted, and she was induced at midnight Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  After hours of progression, they did an ultrasound and Hazel's head was locked in a corner of her mom's pelvis and wouldn't move.  Other things were out of order too.  C-section.  Broke my daughter-in-law's heart, but no options.

We all gathered in her room, and our son put on the plastic coveralls, cap on his head and over his sandals.  Off they went.  Here's the sweet part.  She was born in a Catholic hospital near our home and at noon (the very time she was born) the priest said a prayer over the intercom.  Not sure if he does that everyday, but the timing was impeccable.  Our daughter-in-law's best friend, who came into town from Portland, said the time was blessed. We all just stopped and listened.  Amazing.  Have never experienced anything like that in a public place.  Kudos to the Catholics.

Shortly after that, the delivery room nurse was walking down the hallway with a little crib on wheels with a baby in it.  Could it be Hazel?  She was singing to her, "Today is your birthday!"  She looked up at us and grinned.  Stopped the crib outside the room door and we all fell in love.  Tiny 6 pound angel.  Her face was all swollen on one side from her position before birth, and her mouth had been bleeding, bruised. 

We're going to go up to see her after we pick up youngest son at work. 

While we're crazy with love about sweet Adelaide who was born in California last month, to be present minutes after the baby is born...well, it's different.  It's so intense.  Makes me cry every time I think on it.  My husband said last night in bed, "You know, somebody could plunk either of those babies down on this bed (slapping bed) and we'd raise them if there was a problem, no question.  Our adored children having children...flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone.  They're ours."

Powerful words.

Granddaughters.  New addiction.  Who knew?

Mandisa concert tonight.  Amen to that.


Diane said...

How wonderful! And tonight you get to go celebrate those little sweethearts by praising your hearts out! Those little girls are growing up with a passel of aunts and uncles and grandparents who have given their hearts to them - and that is an incredible blessing.

M.K. said...

Wonderful, wonderful news. You two will be fabulous grandparents. May God bring great joy with this new child.

Aneta said...

There's just something about your child having a child..I agree!! I was overcome when I first laid eyes on little Clark (he's almost 6 months now!!). Such a blessing to be a grandparent. So happy you were able to be there when she was born!

Gloriade said...

Congratulations ten times over Melissa. God is oh, so good! So grateful to hear the both your DiL and grandbaby are doing well. Yes, we were at the hospital the night our Ava was born and to see our son holding his daughter in his arms, there is no feeling like it in the world. Being a grandparent is one of the greatest blessings out there.

Charm and Grace said...

LOOOOOOVE this post so much. You are overflowing, and that's a good thing. Think what a change you have made in the generational mother/daughter thing with your girls!! Praising God for the bright happiness that you are finding in the faces of these sweet blessings from above. :) A little jealous of the Mandisa concert...

Bonnie said...

I saw your photo with the baby! I am so happy for you. Period.