Thursday, February 22, 2018

{it's always something!}

Hazel's daddy, our third son, is in the Army National Guard and told us Tuesday night that there's a great  possibility he'll be deployed in the summer. For a year. No visits home.

To say we're shocked is an understatement. Thought he would get through his 6 years without this happening.

Not sure if his location is for public consumption, but it's not the Middle East or North Korea, and for that I'm grateful.

Other folks do this and keep going. Time to put on our big boy pants once again, but I'm sorta tired of having to drag them out. Our son is just so torn about leaving Hazel, who won't even be one before he goes, and his sweet wife, of course.

But it's not forever, and is part of what he signed up for. He was chosen after the volunteers because he's shown leadership capabilities.  And I am proud, seriously, just have fought against the military mom identity.

Today is good. The rain finally stopped and we're a soggy mess. Evensong at church last night was sweet. Very calming. I'll cling to that.

Time now to read aloud 'The Hobbit' with the least one. 

Take care.


podso said...

Oh sorry. Maybe it won't happen? And if it does, Hazel and her mom will need lots of love and encouragement and you're good at that.

M.K. said...

Ooo - enjoy The Hobbit. Sounds nice.

My understanding is that a lot of our deployed soldiers come from the Nat. Guard these days. I'm sorry he has to go :( It is always, always hard to be separated. But we will pray for safety and a quick return.