Wednesday, February 28, 2018

{wednesday morning}

Life is busy.

The storm passed over the weekend, and while we were spared the rough weather, it's sad that others have suffered.  We had a couple of strong gusts, literally a couple, and rain, but that's it.  So thankful.  Storms in the South at this time of year are tricky.  Tornadoes pop up unexpectedly, but we just stay on our toes.

Had to have my van repaired.  Switched vehicles with main squeeze, and the van we'd had sitting needed fixing.  A thousand dollars later, it works a dream.  That's the way, isn't it?  Money in.  Money out.  Grateful we had it to spend.

Son and his wife coming to terms with his deployment later this year, maybe the summer.  He'll go out west for training for a month, home for a couple of weeks, then off he goes for a year.  They're saying he might be able to come home for Hazel's first birthday in October.  Not sure if that's a ruse or not.  Will pray it's true.

Not sure how I feel about our country continuing to maintain such a presence in other countries.  I realize we have a standard of helping, but to sacrifice a year of a person's life for another, that's hard.  I know it's a basic Christian tenet, but still.  This mother shakes her head.  I have a friend at church whose son is a Marine.  He's making it a career, but his mom also struggles with the US always sticking their nose in the business of other countries.  My husband says that if we want military bases in other lands, we have to pay the price with our soldiers being there.  A year is a long time, but if you sign up, you know in the back of your mind that deployment might come up.  Our daughter in law is very brave.  She's struggling, but I'm proud of her strength.  Our son is emotional (wonder who he gets that from?!) so since she's being strong, he's able to lean.

Evensong tonight and then soup at church after.  Yes to all.


Cathy said...

Being grateful in all things does work...
We are experiencing the most beautiful early spring, I could do with more wintery weather...
but I too am grateful.

Diane said...

So thankful for his willingness to serve. Will pray for his wife and Hazel - and you all, as always. Remember always that he is not alone - God will be with him always.

We've had several days of rain, and very warm (for Feb) temperatures this last week. A couple of inches of sloppy snow are expected overnight, but back into the 50s on Sat and Sun. Honestly, the weather around here plays with your mind.

podso said...

It sounds overwhelming from this end, doesn't it? But God knows.