Tuesday, May 1, 2018

{on an ordinary day}

Miss Hazel will be back here at noon or so. Her mama has finals to complete, and probably needs some 'me' time after. Our son left Saturday for the first step toward his deployment. He'll spend the next month at an Army camp out west in the US followed by a week at another camp for medical, then home a few weeks, then a few more weeks at yet another camp then Germany followed by his official deployment location. Do you follow? In laymen's terms, it's 3 months training plus 9 months away to add up to a year.

Hazel's mom got called for federal jury duty selection for next Monday. When the paperwork came, she marked 2 items in the list which should allow her to pass going. Breastfeeding and full-time student. They said no. She was put out, understandably. Eyeroll to official person who declined her. Said next week she's going to take Hazel with her to prove her point. Plus if she was called up, it'd be likely while our son has a brief home stay before leaving overseas. Bad timing.

I asked her yesterday if she has any trouble getting in people's faces and she said not if she feels strongly about something. Her husband is getting deployed. Show some compassion folks.

The things we have to juggle.

My house is sad. Needs vacuuming. Rugs need beating. Bird cage needs the tray emptied...a big cage on the cabinet. Our Conure loves plain unsalted crackers and saws them with her beak, making a sizable sawdust-looking pile on the bottom of her cage.

But babysteps after me being sick. Still coughing. Goodness. Everywhere I turn, the house pouts at me. Clean me, dust me, it says. I go outside. Sweep me, rake me, weed me.

In time my old busted house. In time.


M.K. said...

I was once asked for jury duty when my daughter was a little baby, had failure to thrive, and I was nursing her every 2 hours. I told the court, fine -- I'm happy to serve, but you must understand that I WILL breastfeed my baby every 2 hours no matter where I am. Her life depended on it, and I could not pump. They allowed me not to come.

Diane said...

I swear, so many bureaucrats see only the requirements on the paper, not the people in front of them. Praying someone over there will see reason.

Let the house pout. Ask the girls to do what's absolutely necessary, and let yourself completely heal.

Will continue to pray for your son and DIL, and the hardships caused by a year away. So thankful for his service, so heartbroken that he's going to be away in a year when Hazel will see so much growth. Thank heaven for modern technology, and the ability to connect with images and sound.

Cathy said...

Hello Melissa,
So many things here. I could comment on them all *smile*.
I missed the fact that you have a bird...I had to look up a conure. Beautiful! We had zebra finches for many years, until last fall. I am glad to report we were ready for the "final death', even though I do miss the songs and bird noises. Not the mess!!!!
Grown children, grandchildren...isn't it another level altogether? Glad to know you have a good relationship with your daughter-in-law.
Hope you feel well soon.