Thursday, June 28, 2018

{hot hot hot}

Day 4 of roofing madness. Having old aluminum siding meant that there was quite a bit of rotten wood here and there along the roof edges. But I think they'll be done tomorrow. I realize 3 days was what they planned, but not their reality. So thankful for the roof. So thankful. But nervous from constant noise overhead from 8am-4 or 5pm.

And joy. Woke up at 2am this morning, walked through the house and noticed how warm it was. Dang. Turned off the a/c and put fans here and there. Wiped down pug Daisy since she pants so much. Turns out the compressor fan was burned out. Got a new one of those today (it's who you know who knows someone) and maybe a capacitor too?  Dunno. Anyway. The guy recommended we replace the whole heating and air, ductwork, etc. at the tidy sum of $7,500.00. Uh no. Maybe we'll save up for that.

Going to pray for a break in the heat. Heat index at 106. More tomorrow. Makes me anxious. Even with the air fixed, took forever to get the thermostat down again.



Diane said...

Will pray for constant, reliable cooling. Heat like that is just plain dangerous.

Know what you mean about all the noise and fuss making you unsettled, even though the end result is a very good thing. It can just be too much.

M.K. said...

Hooray for new roofs! I woke up to a loud thunderstorm and heavy rain night before last, and could remain calm knowing that our new roof would let in no leaky rain. So, so thankful!

Our bit AC unit died last fall too. We'd already paid to have it repaired once, and felt we were throwing money into an old unit. Adam researched, and we bought a single window AC unit -- a good one with excellent reviews -- that will just about cool the whole house. We prefer it, and it's energy efficient and will save us $ in the long run. I love having a really COLD spot in the house :) Menopause, y'know.