Monday, September 3, 2018

{a slowdown}

Came to a decision, this weekend. Thinking I'll make September a *self care* month.

What's springboarded this is our oldest son moving to Florida this week. He applied for a job down there, was hired sight unseen, and will be moving with his girlfriend on Thursday. This being the girlfriend with the online web presence/job which will be unspoken from now on. Disturbing to hug him when he left our house last night, not knowing when we'll see him again. We had a taco dinner in his honor, and my husband's voice was shaky (which never happens) as he prayed over our son before he drove off.

I have to learn to pray and let go. A momma struggles with this. I think as long as this son was in town I felt an inner comfort knowing he was near. Unfortunately Florida is a hotbed (the irony) of inappropriate behavior, if you know where to look. Praying the Damascus Road flies up and hits our son in the face, if you catch my meaning.

So back to September...a month of personal kindness, long overdue. Forgiving myself when I simply can't do things, whether mental or physical. Healing the brokenness. Slowing down and taking care.

Sounds so easy, but requires so much dedication and focus.

Or maybe it doesn't.  Maybe this rest just calls on me to stop. Walk more slowly, take on less, and not beat myself up. I'm so good at that.

Here's to all of us caring about ourselves just a tiny bit more.

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Cathy said...

Thank you so much for your last email. I have been thinking how I wanted to get back with you. Hasn't time been soaring? There are times I feel it soar by me as in a hurricane!
Older children...isn't that a topic for discussion? When they were young and I was raising them I thought I was living in the hard days, just get them to the place of adulthood...what a joke on me! Little did I know the heavier prayer battles would come later. I literally find myself building altars in my mind and placing them on it. We have no control like we did when they were younger and that is humbling.
Brokeness. That is another huge subject, where to even begin since we are all broken? And I will not insult you with false remedies, yet we both know the LORD is the answer ( I am speaking to myself too). His Word contains it all, yet, we must call out with full intention to obey. And we have an enemy who is out to kill, steal, and destroy. Praise be to God the Father that Christ Jesus is our REST...which means we surrender, abide, submit to Him in all things. He knows what you are going through better than anyone else...Rest in Him. And when you don't feel as if you are, trust HE will show you. It sounds as if you are walking slowly toward that truth. I am too.