Wednesday, January 24, 2018


A good day yesterday.  Not sure what happened to make it flow so well.  I mean, we were busy.  Miss Hazel came just before noon and her daddy came and got her around 7:30 last night.  Long day.  But it flowed.  The girls and I passed around the baby (one daughter was off work, while the least one was here, of course, all day) and my woodboy came home early (no surprise there) to see her.  She's definitely going to have an excellent self-esteem.

Prayer was likely the source.  Our household had been off kilter for a bit.  Not grounded and we'd been a bit testy.  Knuckled down Monday night and spiritually cleaned house.  Fresh starts.  Got the creepies out.

Sometimes I tend to be all over the place emotionally.  But when I hold Hazel and she snuggles into my neck (my goodness, she always smells so good), I just settle.  Nothing matters but holding that baby.  Laundry can wait and everything is on hold for that moment.  Maybe that's what all that 'being intentional' stuff is all about.  Directing our attention deliberately on what's in front of our faces.  A baby will do that, well, if you don't all cranked up when they cry and fuss.

And at dinner.  My husband and I took turns holding her while we juggled our forks.  We were given a bouncy seat, an infant car seat and a fold-up playset (the little blanket with the arched toys over it) by a friend at church and we'd put her in the bouncy seat while we ate.  That didn't last with my husband watching the baby.  Swooped her up.  I ended up with her after a bit and having a baby on my shoulder was like old times.  I mean, after 8 kids, it'd old hat.  Guess I felt in my groove.

I've missed having babies in the house.  It's what I do.

The kids have asked what I want the grandbabies to call me.  The thing is, it's what my daughters in law will call me.  Wanted something that made sense.  They already call my husband Pappy instead of his given name.  My goodness, have gone back and forth with it.  My husband settled on Pappy for himself ages ago.  Love that.  Finally I ended up picking Millie.  Used to be a name my husband called me when we were dating.  Pappy and Millie.  Seems to work.

Just a note...tried to reply via comments to what you all have said, but either I've wigged out or Blogger has.  Couldn't get it to work right, even when I hit reply to a comment, not opening a new comment box.  Guess I'll continue to respond with an email like I've always done, if there's a need.  Nuts.

Take time.  Enjoy your day.