Thursday, January 11, 2018

{begin anew}

New calendar page, Christmas decorations finally being put away, housecleaning, babysitting wee Hazel on a regular basis now, attempts to get life into a pleasant groove again---this is me right this minute.

Moved all my past posts here to another site, just for my eyes.  Tired of re-hashing things that obsessed me this past year. 

Weeded out some magazines from last year.  Tore out pictures and have made a folder for them.  Will cut out my first choices.  Bought a sketchbook the other day, thick paper and perfect for journaling.  Will begin fresh there as well.  I tend to enjoy most setting up a journal with magazine cut-outs and then writing on the pages when it's all prettified.  Makes for a nice surprise each day when I've forgotten what I've pasted in.

Back to babies.  There's something about having Hazel over.  She's settling.  And while she cries and fusses, and gets agitated when she's sleepy, that's normal.  But holding her and catching the scent her sweet head---even though things get left undone in the house, she's like a rudder.  Sets my course straight.  Lets me know that all is well, and what I'm doing at that particular moment, which might be feeding her or even changing her diaper, is of vast importance in God's eyes.  Sort of cuts to the chase.  When I second guess myself, wondering if I'm doing what I need to be doing---tending her seems to hold such value.  Maybe I cut myself short the rest of the time.  Probably.

Today will do schoolwork with the least one.  Such sickness in our house, we're finally getting back to a routine after the holidays.  My middle girl ended up with a severe sinus infection, prompting a migraine of huge proportions.  Her face is still sore.  Echinacea and goldenseal, along with decongestants did the trick, but only after the sickness wiped her out.  Glad things seem to be settling on that score.  Unfortunately this sickness seems to be making the rounds.  My girls got sick over the holidays, got better, then wham, got hit once again.  Used my Thieves essential oil I'd mixed and wiped down the flat services and defused some as well.

And will make a sour cream cake.  Butter cake mix, 4 eggs, 1/2 cup of sour cream, 3/4 cup oil (will melt shortening this go around since we're out of oil) , 1/2 cup of sugar, one teaspoon vanilla and mix well.  Use either an angel food cake pan (I got a new/old one at the thrift store for, like 3 dollars) or a bundt pan, greased and floured well.  Bake for 375 for about 45 minutes.  Talk about yummy.  Goodness.

Must go now.  Baby Hazel will be here in about an hour.  While my daughter in law is used to seeing our house in disarray, at least need to make a place on the dining room table for the baby things, infant carrier and all.  Piled with Christmas things waiting to go to the attic.  A ridiculous mess.

Reminder:  Take care and just do today.