Thursday, January 25, 2018


Bought a new mug yesterday from the Williams-Sonoma outlet near our grocery store. Pined over the same one, last year, and went back to get it but they were all gone. Such a cutie. Simple pleasures. I'm posting this through the Blogger app. The photo of it is somewhere in this post. Not sure where it'll end up!

Beautiful day. Time to re-arrange the living/dining room. Have had the mental urge, but not the physical energy. Told the girls last night to force me to begin. Just need a push. Dust and vacuum, air rugs and wipe off windowsills. A miniature version of spring cleaning. From time to time I need visual stimulation, and moving furniture tends to inspires me. The same old same old gets to me after awhile.

I have the honor of arranging the vases of flowers for a wedding at church on Saturday. I do the Sunday flowers each week anyhow and the bride is wisely watching her spending, and asked if I could do them for her. The weekly church budget for flowers is $50 and I can fit into that price easily (a dozen roses at Kroger and Fresh Market generally 10-11 bucks). Anyway, was awed and flattered she trusted me. They're being cautious with other areas of the wedding for the rehearsal dinner and High Tea for the reception, both held in our Parish Hall. Wise children. I imagine their parents are pleased.

My girls all bought new dresses/and flourishes for the wedding. Love their enthusiasm. Tends to be contagious.

Take care. Find your 'me' time. I shall do likewise.