Saturday, February 24, 2018

{calm in the storm}

Weary of drama in my head and in the real world. Praying just now, asking the Lord for a season of quiet. Healing. Restoration. A mental vacation.

Woke up to reading about weather warnings. For someone prone to anxiety, hearing about wind is enough to drive me a bit nuts. Anyone with a big old Oak tree in their backyard might agree. Wind blows and we move everyone to the far side of the house. Pray accordingly.

Reminder to re-read about Jesus calming the winds. Apparently, as His follower, I have this ability as well. How cool is that? Yes, have tested it and it is so. It's not me, but Him.

The words in the Book of Common Prayer we read each Sunday say 'We are not worthy so much as to gather up the crumbs under Thy table. But Thou art the same Lord, whose property is always to have mercy.'

Mercy. Always makes my eyes well up to read this. Every week. My girls say, 'Really?' Yes, really. So much for anyone believing repetition (in the Anglican church service, much is re-read each week) brings a watering over of the meaning. Not so for me. I find it a comfort. No surprises, but a safe place.

Last week the weather guys talked about us getting torrential rain. Ok. It rained. Soggy out there, but torrential? Not so much. Yes, my beat-up rubber clogs almost get sucked off my feet when walking to the garbage cans out back, but nothing worth fretting over. Sometimes I think the meterologists overstate the case so they don't get in trouble when the elements are, in fact, playing out more than they anticipated.

He calmed the storm.

Ok, so my emotional health has been shabby for a long time. I'm not so resilient as in the olden days. Sorta broken. But God is faithful. Stuff still will happen, be it involving my kids, my mom, or the weather (thankfully my husband is awesome), and while that's LIFE, my Father in Heaven gives His angels charge over broken me.  I live in the shadow of all those Heavenly wings.

Even so, I look forward to the storm passing over and seeing sunshine once again.  Tomorrow?  It's been days and days since we've not had cloud cover.

Spring is on the way. Daffodils coming up, but our patch is waiting for the sun to give them permission to open. Maybe tomorrow, being it's Sunday. I believe that's fitting.