Friday, February 9, 2018


A friend from church just brought by 2 of her grandchildren for us to watch a bit. She's strung out from caring for her soon-to-be-divorced son's 3 children, so he asked Sunday if we could spare a day this week. Thankfully all our kids are off work today, so plenty of help to be had.

And Miss Hazel will be by sometime before lunch. My sweetheart. Love that baby so much. Her mom says she needs to be productive herself, schoolwork-wise. Hard when Hazel is awake. We all tend to be mesmerized watching her expressions, getting nothing accomplished. She smiles a lot now at 3 months.

Puttering at home today in between watching little people and shuttling the dogs back and forth. Only Violet the pug is good with strange company. Daisy the pug tends to give folks dirty looks and Romeo the mutt is a jumper, not to be trusted around littles. It'll be a noisy day.

Keeping my stress level...level, or sort of level. Babysitting isn't stressful, but tiring. Hardest decision today will be how to slice the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Diagonal or straight across?

And going to try my hand at homemade fabric softener. Cut up an old, soft torn where your feet go bedsheet. White vinegar in a container....half a cup or so and 8-10 drops essential oil. Add fabric squares with pinked edges. Soak and squeeze out several to add to the dryer. Only difficulty is figuring out the scent I want. I have lots of essential oils, so can be creative.

Paula Deen's Cheesy Mac for dinner. Nothing hanging fire. Toting kids here and there this weekend.

Next week the beginning of Lent. Pancake supper Tuesday night at church. Ash Wednesday services. Settling.

Ordinary things. No big decisions. Quiet thoughts. Noisy, muttering chickens because it's sunny. Barking dogs because they're idiots.

It's all good.