Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Sometimes I feel like Dr. Dolittle, usually when I let out the chickens in the morning. Today I gathered up a glass-worth of wild birdseed from the bag in the house and a few slices of cheap, white bread the chickens prefer. Got their feed out of the big aluminum garbage can we store it in by the coop, and looked up. Sparrows above my head fussing (always remind me of girls in a sorority), Blue Jays up ahead of them and bouncing from limb to limb, and a fat Mockingbird on the fence. Waiting. For me. The lunch lady.

Set out water, let out Milk, Nora and Anastasia and tossed the food on the ground and on the roof of the coop. As soon as I turn my back, they all descend.  Nobody is scared of me.  They all swoop down so near, even a pair of dove. Married couple, no doubt.

Perfect way to begin the day. Love it everytime.

And so it goes. Happy Shrove Tuesday. Pancake Supper tonight at church. Miss Hazel staying the day with us. Can't improve on that.