Thursday, March 22, 2018


Painted the wall behind the piano a beautiful purple. Not deep purple (not meant to be funny!), but more of a mid-purple. Warm. Target had had their discontinued paint on sale a few months ago, and I snagged this can. Should have already used it because it was THICK!

Lovely color, though. Old, thick paint does cover well!

But now the white (chipped here and there) trim needs attention. And the scuffed white interior doors. Nuts. It's never all done, is it? Finish and you begin again.

Think when I'm all well I'll just give the white paint a good scrub. Took all my energy to paint. Having a lie down now. More painting isn't on my immediate agenda.

Got my new cell phone cover in the mail today. Actually I got it for the free glass screen protector they offer. Line that glass screen guard up at the top and snap! on it goes. Like a dream. So shiny.

Takes so little to make me happy. Sorta pathetic.

Sunny day. Thankful for that. Now I need to sweep up the dust I accumulated after pulling the piano away from the wall. Not pretty. I blame our three dogs.

My main squeeze is taking me out to dinner. Must rest up.

Take care.