Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Have been reading your blogs but not commenting. I apologize for that. I have online friends with a myriad of things going on:  healing from accidents, personal struggles, money issues, health concerns, and life in general. We all need encouragement.

Me, I've been heading for a slowdown. When you don't allow for a break in busyness, least in my world, the Lord will supply the speed bump.

Had Miss Hazel last Thursday, and I got sick that night. Just a bad cold, but sorta draining. Glad the baby didn't catch it. Told my son and his wife we'd need a few days for me to recover. So darn tired. My DIL is working on her doctorate, so babysitting is necessary, but I guess I've overdone it. Piled on too much.

The least one gave me a look when she realized, last Friday, I was sick. 'Bout time, she says. You needed to just stop, she says. Stay in bed, she says.

Yeah. Yeah.

So, here it is, five days later, and I get winded. Do a bit in the house and have to have a lie down. Okay, okay, I get it. Just rest.

Seems it takes a few days of absolute chillin' before I feel the benefit. Honestly, I think the realization of my mom receiving aid for her care was so huge, holding my breath about that for months, and my body relaxed. Do you do that?

Like when our kids get sick, I tense up and stay well, but if I unwind, I catch whatever is going around.

Add to that, the oldest member of our church passed away last week. Her memorial service will be this Saturday. Ninety-one and an amazing woman who would, until recently, go dancing every Saturday night. She was buried last Friday, but we'll have a luncheon in her honor, serving her request, which is beer and tamales. Yes, definitely original. She said she wanted her funeral to be a celebration. That it will be. Still, hard to see her go.

So anyway, all is well. Work in the shop, bills caught up, spring has sprung, seeing answers to prayer.

Did you know that Alice in Wonderland quote about believing in 6 impossible things before breakfast? I was reminded of that yesterday afternoon. A situation I had been praying about lately actually happened. What I would deem impossible. At least unlikely. Made me cry. And the Lord whispers to me, 'See I'm still listening.'

Enjoy your day.