Saturday, April 28, 2018

{beautiful saturday}

Let me just say in regards to my last post...I'm not going to wear out my son's situation here, lest anyone dread visiting. He's made his choice. On the heels of hearing his news, I caught, what appears to be, the flu, or its kin. Better, but tired. Shows me how vulnerable our physical selves are.

Moving on.

Beautiful day. Lots of rain here lately,  lots of weeds, and hoping for at least a full week of sun and no rain. Soggy.

Broadcast a bag of wildflower seed a couple of weeks ago. Some we tossed and enjoyed last year are already popping up again. Joy. Volunteers blooming and 12-24 or so inches tall. We have part of our corner lot decorated higgledy-piggledy with assorted things but my prized St. Francis is on the opposite side of the house, so I can see him when I sit on the porch. The bee hives are back with the wild flowers, roses, with a line of thick forsythia as a divider between us and the neighbor. We can't cut the grass in that spot, not that there's any grass much. Mostly the flowers. We're shootin' for the meadow look in a 30x30' area. So far, so good.

Ate my lunch out on the porch. Soup and peanut butter crackers. Lying down now.

The house is a disaster, but it's my disaster. Will putter and tidy as I can. Kids are a help, but a couple recovering as well. My body is resting, but my mind is in a whirl. Hopefully I can get them both in alignment soon. That's the plan.

Take care.