Thursday, May 17, 2018

{thinking things through}

Okay, so I have this hard stuff that clings to me. Oldest son came by yesterday to give me some Mother's Day flowers. Hanging baskets. Always a treat. Every year, they ask what I want for Mother's Day, and I always say flowers, but they never believe me! Good visit, especially when we got the elephant out of the room.

Told him his grandfather had mentioned reading about his engagement on FBook. Our son apologized for us learning that way. His girlfriend had tagged our son, and he's 'friends' with several family members, including my mother-in-law, though never gets online with it. Word got around.

So, pretend your son is marrying his girlfriend who's in the adult entertainment business. Won't go into detail, but it's not pretty. I could do with some encouragement and advice. WWYouD? Where would you draw the line? There appears to be no online help available for this particular situation and I'm struggling.

This might be sort of a moot point. Being that our opinions regarding their lifestyle are known, we might not be asked to take part. Please God. No clue as it's early yet. I mean, our gay son is engaged and has been for over a year. No plans in that sphere. Not at present an issue. This might be likewise.

But still. Life and behavior at this stage of human existence is all about acceptance. Live and let live, even in blatant wrongdoing.

Please tell me your thoughts. Email me if commenting is too public. My address is on my 'about me' page. As a mom I get confused as how to address things with my kids, though my husband holds no such qualms. I want to be supportive, but when the situation is contrary to my beliefs, that's worrying.

Am learning, albeit slowly, that all this stuff is mentally and physically damaging. I'm 59. Don't need to allow aggravating stuff to hold sway. What I can do something about, like grocery shopping or decorating the house, caulking windows, painting trim, listening to my girls unload...I'm all in. For the other things...pray and release. That's the only way.

First impulse regarding our son is to just say no. Might not have to. Might not be asked for anything.  But I want to be prepared with a response, no matter.

For the rest of the day will take middle daughter to work and then babysit Miss Hazel this afternoon. Love that little girl so much. She's so easy. Very cuddly and always wants to be held, which we have no problems with, let me tell you.

Guess it balances in some bizarre way. The blessings outweigh the trials, but sometimes, just barely.

I have to focus on the good, otherwise the monsters win. Won't have none of that.