Saturday, June 23, 2018

{all is well...}

Down below you can see a few of my cactus and succulents. I moved the winter survivors (only one fatality) to the front porch a few weeks ago. While they aren't keen, any of them, on long hours of direct sunlight, they seem happy with lots of morning sun, then indirect light.

I read a few words I'll paraphrase, from Elizabeth Berg's 'Home Safe.' Just read it for the 2nd or 3rd time.  One of the characters is chastising the main character about over-mothering. She's told to let her child live her life, the one she's chosen, no matter if she, the mother, approves. To keep her mouth shut.

I see a similarity with how I raise these plants. I've had to learn repeatedly, the hard way, that over-watering rots the plants. While I think they're suffering when they get dry, the opposite is true.

You'd think I'd learn.

Let the kids go. Let them live however they choose. Talking about the ones who live away, out from under our care. A huge relief to allow this to click in my head. Life changing. Mood altering.

* * *

In other news...we're getting a new roof this-coming week, courtesy of my inlaws who've been blessed by my MIL's uncle's passing. The prayers for a roof have been flying heavenward for quite a few years. Still hasn't sunk in. The kids say, 'Aren't you happy about the new roof?' I stare back, speechless. They want a response, but that's all I got.

My soul feels peaceful. Oldest daughter's apartment is amazing, other things seem to be falling into place, and today is good. Watering not necessary.

Take care.