Thursday, June 28, 2018

{hot hot hot}

Day 4 of roofing madness. Having old aluminum siding meant that there was quite a bit of rotten wood here and there along the roof edges. But I think they'll be done tomorrow. I realize 3 days was what they planned, but not their reality. So thankful for the roof. So thankful. But nervous from constant noise overhead from 8am-4 or 5pm.

And joy. Woke up at 2am this morning, walked through the house and noticed how warm it was. Dang. Turned off the a/c and put fans here and there. Wiped down pug Daisy since she pants so much. Turns out the compressor fan was burned out. Got a new one of those today (it's who you know who knows someone) and maybe a capacitor too?  Dunno. Anyway. The guy recommended we replace the whole heating and air, ductwork, etc. at the tidy sum of $7,500.00. Uh no. Maybe we'll save up for that.

Going to pray for a break in the heat. Heat index at 106. More tomorrow. Makes me anxious. Even with the air fixed, took forever to get the thermostat down again.