Monday, July 2, 2018

{random thoughts}

Thick outside today. Even as I let out the chickens at 6 it was humid to beat the band.

*Tossing and clearing out. We still have the dumpster in the driveway from the roofing work. My husband asked our amazing roofer if we could use the dumpster after they were done, and he said...well, you paid for it! He said as long as the load doesn't reach over the top -(impossible to have that much junk), do whatever. So nice to not be limited by the size of our garbage cans as purging is so therapeutic. Hoping it can be picked up today, though. Takes up the entire driveway.

*And having a home day today. No errands but a drugstore run later. Making soup. I have Polish sausage, a bag of interesting frozen mixed vegetables, frozen leftover tomato paste from pizza, lentils and barley. Thinking I can make something out of that. The least one volunteered to make biscuits.

*Getting used to a different grocery store. The one we have been going to has gone a bit downhill, so have switched to a chain store. Hard to get used to. I get home with missing ingredients because grocery shopping now makes my head spin. At the same time, stimulating. Something about new patterns. Probably good to shake it up.

*Have, for the most part, stopped reading the news. Nothing about immigration or politics. As soon as my heart begins to quicken, I try to turn away. Not always fast enough, but AM trying.

*My thoughts are jumping all over. With all the clearing out, hope to finish putting away piles on the dining room table. We've been eating amidst heavy clutter. A tidy house really does make for a settled mind.

Enjoy your day. Off to putter I go.