Friday, July 20, 2018


Just checked the weather. Heat index is forecast to be 113 this afternoon. Overcast and in the upper 80s right now. 113 I can't visualize. Isn't that near hellacious readings?  Just in case, will weedeat in a few minutes, unless I chicken out at the last minute. Son cut the yard last night before we took him to his housesitting job. Usually do yard work after dinner, but will make an exception. As long as the sun stays hidden...

A day off. Only the least one with me here, and she's going shopping with oldest daughter when she gets off work after lunch. Alone at last!

I'm going to putter in the house. Draw the shades later, keep the house cool, rest, hopefully tidy this wreck of a bedroom.

In case anyone thinks I'm overreacting in regards to our granddaughter's babysitting plans (and it's okay if you do since I'm holding back some of the tiddly details), I sort of cracked up recently. My mental health is a bit precarious, and I'm having to watch my tendency to overdo/overthink. Something triggered a spell, don't know what, and I'm having to seriously tone down the emotional noise that comes at me. I've distanced myself from my brothers and mom, so you'd think that aspect wasn't the issue, but it always lurks in the background. Speaking of hellacious.

My girls say...'Mom, therapy might not be such a bad idea.'