Tuesday, August 14, 2018


I'll just jump in here.

Babysitting situation settled. Our daughter-in-law has hired a nanny/babysitter (what's the difference?) to watch Hazel 2 days a week. Excellent move. We'll still have her on Mondays, but that's a commitment we're good with. Amen and hallelujah. I believe everybody is happy with the situation. A huge plus is that my DIL's brother is living with her while our son is overseas. He'll actually be at the house while the nanny is watching Hazel. His Fedex hours are overnight, so he'll be asleep, but still...his presence will be there.

What else?

I'm learning to say no, or at least, sometimes, lemme think about it, rather than automatically agreeing to stuff. Still stumbling with this. Moms. Why do we feel this deep need to make everyone happy...except ourselves?

So, is it my age or my elevated stress level that sets me back?

I seem to be going through a stage where I'm even more easily overwhelmed.  Well, I think getting riled by a car coming within inches of hitting us in an intersection today qualifies. She ran the red light and had good brakes. Right after, the least one asked if I had ever named my guardian angel. No I hadn't, but Hercules might work.

Tomorrow I plan on exercising the word no some more. And immersing myself in domestic things. The more mundane, the better.

I. Am. Frazzled.