Tuesday, September 18, 2018

{quiet tasks}

Cleaning out, tidying, tossing. All in anticipation of our son, who lives in California with his wife and little Adelaide, coming to visit in a month.

They won't stay here, no room, but have rented a townhouse for 2 weeks. That will give them a quiet spot to be in the midst of their visit. Can't wait!

And Miss Hazel has begun walking, and not even officially 11 months yet. She stayed here yesterday while her mom was in class and took 10 steps before she left, the most steps yet. She looked so proud of herself when we praised her, little doll.

Anyway, that's my story. Trying to find the JOY, coping with this extreme anxiety, reading Psalm 121 and finding peace with those words.

Baby steps for me too in attempting to limit my tendency to panic...strange, intermittent buzz in the car when I start it and wondering what it indicates, a flickering lightbulb in the house means the bulb is going out. Not that there's an electrical problem.

My fight or flight is in full swing, but I'm working on it. Cleaning is therapeutic and calming. A sinkfull of sudsy water scented with tea tree oil. A sunny day. Dinner bought, and waiting to be prepared.

All shall be well...