Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Yesterday was too busy. Way too busy. Took 2 children to work at different times, grocery shopped, kept Hazel (with help), took the least one to ukulele (which is the happiest instrument ever) class at dinner-time, and crashed exhausted when we got home.

Today I'm just finishing up my tea. Lying in bed. Working up enthusiasm in my head for things that need doing, yet confident most won't get done, which is fine. Necessary to be honest.

Warm today, supposed to hit mid-eighties, with rain on its way tomorrow. Fall temperatures to follow. Bliss.

Coming to terms (finally, my girls say) with extended family stuff. Cutting ties, taking personal care, recovery from so many burdens. Life is nowhere near as tidy as I'd like, or believed it to be growing up. It's all a process.

Painting on an abstract canvas in acrylics, first layer of colors on and thinking about next step...harder than you'd think, drawing most days in a sketch book, creating after years of feeling like my life was falling apart. Standing still and allowing pieces to settle around me, yet not making attempts at repairing the results.

Pulling way back until Mondays in their busyness assault me. Must redirect my energy on heavy driving days, knowing it's just a season. Children will eventually be able to afford own vehicles and this is a fleeting time.

Tomorrow my working children are off and on Thursday, oldest daughter will come by and take 2 working children and the least one, who babysits that day, to their duties. House all my own, all day. That never happens!

I relish the anticipation.