Tuesday, January 29, 2019

{baby girl}

My Hazelnut was over yesterday. She held onto my Snow White Barbie all day, even clutching her while I gave her her bottle to sleep. Gosh, she's a sweetheart. While youngest daughter was in the backyard, and youngest son was in his room, I was a pug sandwich, with Daisy snuggled against my left leg and Violet to my right. Hazel straddled my lap holding Snow White and my Tinkerbell Barbie (my children give me toys...Peppa Pigs for my dollhouse, a Princess Mrs. Potato Head, etc.).

We sat there playing for at least 45 minutes. She's so easily content. And even when I got her to sleep, I just got into our bed holding her. Those brown loose curls got damp, and she slept in my arms for over 2 hours.

That was bliss.

When my life smarts or fits too tightly, I need to think on the sweet times. And even as my children rebel now, I would benefit by rallying my memories. My children, as well, would play sweetly. Not always, my goodness, but their baby days were special.

Thank the Lord for our granddaughters. Love them both dearly.