Thursday, February 7, 2019

{a breezy thursday}

Took a Mental Health day yesterday. Oldest daughter had bought me the movie, The Bookshop, and I watched it in bed.  Bill Nighy plays a prominent role, and I admit to having a bit of a crush on him. Lovely movie...bittersweet, but enjoyed it very much.

Cleaned the house, ate frozen pizza for dinner, repotted some of my cactus which had taken a nosedive from the windowsill when the shade wigged out and fell on them, and just took care of my family. Youngest daughter caught a mild virus, we think, from the little ones she babysits for, so she needed fussing over.

I've learned the hard way that I sometimes have to focus *hard* on those in my house. Dwelling on my mom or my brothers gives me fits, which takes a while to recover from, so I zero in on home.  That satisfies my children and keeps me, somewhat, in a sensible frame of mind.

So, today I'll slip up to see my mom for a bit before taking a child to work later. Buy dinner, make the cheesecake that didn't get made yesterday, putter about, and watch the weather since a cold front is heading our way. Windy now.

And let me just say...hospice nurses are indeed the most dear people. Such tender care I've only witnessed with a couple of friends. They're amazing.

I'll be off now. Take care.