Thursday, March 28, 2019

{taking time}

Sitting on the front porch, sadly out of the sun. We're on a corner, and to chase the sun, I'd have to move to the stoop on the other side. No furniture there, but here I can put my feet up, set down a magazine or two, and sip something.  I bought 2 new magazines yesterday.  A splurge with fun money I'd been hoarding in my purse.  'Where Women Cook, Slow Living' and the newest 'Where Women Create'. Very peaceful issues, especially the cooking one. Beautiful. 

Tired today. I forget that the human spirit needs to stop. There's running around to do in an hour. Take a child to work, grocery shop for his birthday on Saturday, but not rush any of it.

Our church has Evensong services on Wednesdays through Easter. Soup supper afterwards. I think I overdid yesterday, making potato soup and biscuits to take. Staying on my feet too long. Sometimes pacing myself flies out the window.

Today I woke up tired, sit here tired, but the fresh air is perking me up a bit.
Realizing that nothing is hanging fire. Sometimes I think the Lord places His Hand on our heads and whispers for us to slow down. To breathe in. To quiet our thoughts.

Some days are simply days to recover from the previous day's living. So be it.

Enjoy your day.