Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Taking a break from yard work. Youngest son mowed, I trimmed and now sweeping.  Sunny and warm. Perfect. I could hear our across-the-street neighbor's central air kick in, but won't commit to that yet. Once it's on, it's on.

Long, deep talks with 2 youngest daughters today. Mercy. They're such good girls. Deep thinkers, and tender hearts. So thankful all 3 of my girls souls belong to the Lord. Can't put a price on that.

Evensong tonight. Soup supper. Passion week soon upon us. Exhausting if you're Anglican, but all sweet and all good. Prayer vigil for 24 hours beginning on Maundy Thursday and continuing into Good Friday. Stations of the Cross this Friday, and next.  Stripping the altar, mourning.  Then we begin again. Re-set the altar, many Altar Guild chores, Easter vigil, church dinner, followed by Easter morning. Rejoicing.

Busy, busy.

Girls are now out, shopping for new dresses. They keep me focused, though often it's definitely an uphill battle.

Will wrap up my chores now. Time to chill.