Tuesday, April 23, 2019

{deep breaths}

Thought I would lose my mind last week.  From Wednesday to Sunday morning, we were non-stop activities.  All good, but stressful and overmuch.  Not quite sure why we bully our bodies so much.  I don't remember my folks doing that.  They were involved in church as well, my dad worked, my mom stayed at home, they had 3 kids in and out, but still...don't remember the intensity that I feel at times. 

Yeah, I blame the Internet.

My personal best solution for my racing mind is a Kava Kava powdered drink mix I have.  Nasty to drink, but if you throw it back, the taste is minimal.  I mix mine with some orange juice. The upside is that in a very few minutes, you'll feel calm.  Wonderul stuff.  I buy Vanuatu brand online, and think I got it at iHerb or a site like that. 

It's like, you want to feel calm, and a racing mind is a tough thing to harness.  All the deep breathing is fine, but for me, sometimes I need a quick fix. 

I sound like an advertisement. 

But really, as hard as I pray for the intensity of life to pass me by, this seems to be my burden to carry.  Some of our kids continue down the roads of sin, but on the flipside, some of ours are amazing believers, trusting God and leaning so hard on Him.  Such a contrast. 

Also, speaking of stress, the kidney donation situation moves on.  All systems, pretty much, go, and we wait for the possibility of dates in the next month or so.  Gary's all hepped up about the donation, but anxious to get the surgery over so he can heal and look forward.  A major speedbump in our road, for sure. 

Looking to today, for the most part.  And thankful for honest friends (you know who you are), who struggle with some form of sanity as well.  It's a hard-won balance.

But today is good.