Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Last week I wrote a post, in draft form, about blogging. How I miss it. I kind of went on a tear, so will spare you that.

Funny how our preoccupation with speed in most things has invaded blogging. It takes time to write, and I find most folks are migrating to Instagram, which I get. Sadly I'm not at my best in taking pictures. It's not my strong suit, so Instagram, as a user, is sorta lost on me. I do enjoy looking at what others post, though.

So here I sit, staring at my phone's keypad.

Well, so much for deep thinking.

Beautiful day here. Supposed to get up to the mid-eighties, which, I think, is a bit extreme. More seventies, please.

House is still clean from dinner company last Friday.  Best part of guests...a tidy house after they leave. Spoken by a true introvert.

Bought more clothespins, so sheets might go out today. Buying paint for front doors. Going from intense blue to a soft cactus green. At least that's what the paint chip implies. Soft cactus green. Gives you a visual.

Going to paint a picture of a pig. Did a mule last year, and my sweetheart painted a rooster awhile back. For some reason, with my Peppa Pig collection, which has become vast, I've branched off into more pig accoutrements. I figure I should paint one. Keep my mule company, and honestly, I only did the mule as a hat tip to William Faulkner.

So, with the least one's school year petering out, I'm thinking of creative ways to pass my summer. Hazel-nut won't be here to babysit much in the next few months, so I want to take advantage of some free time.

I need healing time. Mental healing time.

If I can't escape to a monastery,  I will create a monastic atmosphere here sometimes at home.

Take care.