Saturday, May 18, 2019


Everything got planted yesterday. In an amusing twist...last night before full dark, I carried around a few seed packets in the front yard. Got ready to plant the sunflowers and realized the packet was already open, upside down in my hand and most of the seed had fallen out. Who knows where they'll pop up!

So far, our seed hasn't fared well. Too hot, too early, but I remain optimistic. I still enjoy puttering out in the mornings, pulling weeds here and there (we're covered up in ground ivy), and carrying around a plastic pitcher of water to give a drink to gasping seedlings.

The bees are well. Making comb and such. Love the whiff of honey you get when you stand near them. And honestly, as long as we don't threaten them, it's possible to sit right by the hive and watch, but stay clear of their flight paths. Such a simple joy.

And our chickens thrive too. They're 5 years old this spring and remain faithful. Lovely birds. Still laying eggs and giving me lap love when I sit out with them, which I need to do more often. A truly Zen experience. 

So happy school is over and summer is upon us. Some lazy days of heat and sun sound so wonderful. Seriously no hard tasks ahead (well, as long as the word kidney is kept out of the conversation!). Lots of interior painting planned. Going to pay the 'least one' to paint the bathroom and some other things. Her babysitting job has ended and she wants to earn some money.

I need rest and crave it. Mental mostly. I relish the thought.

Easy dinners this weekend and nothing hanging fire.

Take care.