Wednesday, May 15, 2019

{this and that}

Taking a break from edging the yard. One of our sweet neighbors is sitting on his porch, and don't want to invade his quiet time with my racket.

Did a grand clean of the living room upholstered furniture yesterday. All 3 dogs had fleas. The 'least one' bathed them, I vacuumed and dusted under the cushions with DE (diatomaceous  earth). Washed the couch covers and bought more flea medicine. Today they sleep, so relieved to not be itchy. Got to get a handle on it early, and the temperature is in the eighties all the rest of the week. Fleas love that.

Need to get in chill mode. Woodboy might hear the final word, this Friday, regarding a surgery date for his kidney donation.  Trying to keep it in perspective. Funny thing. I get stressed and suffer memory loss. Maybe it's my way of coping.

Thankfully my family blessed me with lots of flowers for Mother's Day. I have things to do, keeping me occupied.

Focus on joy. Focus on beautiful things (very calming). Look to today and nothing else. God is in control, I'm not, and I need to remember that.

I do forget that fun is allowed. Sometimes I get caught up in a work-work mentality and enjoying myself slips my mind. So much to do, so many daily tasks to keep the house, etc. up to snuff. But enjoying myself keeps it all in balance.

Will bookmark these thoughts.