Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Life is relatively quiet just now, well, for me personally.  News bites following:

But in a hopeful sort of way, it appears our oldest daughter has met a young man who she's interested in, and he's very interested in her.  A chance meeting, but really, for believers, is anything chance?  It's wonderful to watch.  Will pray lots.

And our son in California and his wife are expecting a boy come next January 1st.  She had a blood test done, they had some concerns, and found out the sex.  Just wondered.  We have 2 granddaughters, so this is fun to think about.  A wee boy.

And another son has moved out of state.  He's working in a hospital 2 hours away as a nurse's assistant, and is hopeful for classes this fall to begin to move up the food chain.  He's never lived by himself (thankfully he has a dog), so is a bit unsteady, but he seems to be doing well so far.

The transplant recipient has an appointment with the transplant team on July 10th, for them to evaluate him.  Thing is, anything could happen.  My husband figures they'll wait another 4-6 weeks after that date to schedule the surgery.  As it is, we're sorta set off kilter by all of it.  Get all psyched up for the 19th of this month, then find out just days ahead that it's been postponed....messes with your head.  Oh well.  Not my call.

Everything else is fine and good.  Quiet and peaceful.  Just trying to find my safe place and enjoy the summer, but with 8 kids, that's always the challenge.  As it is, I'm painting and drawing again.  So I guess that's my sweet spot.

Take care.