Tuesday, July 30, 2019

{transplant, etc.}

Just a note.

First off, our church had a sweet part of the service on Sunday, after Communion, with prayer and an anointing of holy oil on my husband and the kidney recipient, Mr. Gordon.  We went up front and a large part of the congregation came up behind us, laying on their hands and praying. It was awesome. Lots of tears. Folks are kind of wrapped up in this. And I've never been part of such a huggy church. And I'm not much of a hugger!

Still struggling personally with the whole thing, but trusting the Lord. Do I recommend transplants? Can't say at this point if I am. It's at a huge emotional cost for us all.

Tomorrow we have to be at the hospital at 5am, with the surgery at 7:30am.

Prayers appreciated, and looking forward to having this behind us.

I do apologize for being a poor email correspondent lately, but words fail me. Too much to think about.

In other news:  Our son in California is buying a new, larger house to fit in their second child, due New Year's Day. Our second daughter has been offered a job at the same place he works (proudly sharing that he's been promoted as head chef), so she might be moving in August. And yesterday, our youngest daughter's boyfriend had a vehicle malfunction causing his Toyota truck to literally go up in flames on the interstate. Toast. But with minor burns, he's fine.

The new job news and the fire were yesterday, so my brain was overfull last night.

All is well today. Hope the same is true for you. Take care.