Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Have been having, what I'm calling, a 'hurrication' this week. It began on Sunday, when the rain began with Hurricane Barry, which quickly seemed to turn into Tropical Storm Barry. Sort of a yawner, fortunately, at least here. Rain everyday, with the brunt of it yesterday when the outer bands whipped around. It poured.

Anyway, since I've felt a bit overdone, figured a play on words to the staycation folks talk about, and I could always benefit from some downtime.

What started it off was me logging onto Facebook, last week, which is becoming more and more of a seldom thing for me. Just don't go there. The shocker was discovering that one of my favorite, long-time blogging and email friends had passed away in May. Her name was Diane and we'd been writing back and forth for more than 7 years. That's as far as my email address had saved her notes, so could be more.

I'd been missing her blogging posts, so went to see what she'd updated on Facebook.

So sad. And for me, the approach of the hurricane was my excuse to lay low and grieve. Funny how you can so deeply miss someone you never met in person. Such a void.

But the blessing is that a dear friend of hers has been selling Diane's quilts and I was able to buy a baby quilt. What a joy to have something that she made. Can't wait to see it.

As to other stuff transplant news. Curious. I get the feeling something is up on that front. Things aren't progressing very quickly, and wonder if the recipient's report from him seeing the transplant team in person last week wasn't as positive as his wife supposed. So much unsaid.

But, we might hear otherwise today. Seriously, everyday with no news is fine by me.

I love my uneventful rut of a life, with no drama, no stresses and smooth days. I just want to tidy my house, paint my owl picture, cook a good dinner, repot my fuschia and enjoy my home.

And honestly, I think the Lord would smile on all of those things. My mental state spills out over everyone else, so peace here benefits all of us.