Friday, August 9, 2019

{the afters}

Sort of hit a wall this morning. Had to stop. Woke up the second time at noon. Much better.

This after-kidney-donation journey is exhausting. The kids and I are doing our thing plus chalking on my husband's chores as well. It's a lot. Usually he takes on part of the routine of dropping of kids at work, etc. Church stuff. And add the anxiety of middle daughter being so busy with moving to California next head spins.

Two youngest were planning on going with me to ready the church grounds and all this morning for Sunday services, and seriously, by the grace of God, it began to rain. Grass needs cutting there, but it'll gave to wait till tomorrow evening, after youngest son gets off work.

And because it's not all about me...thankfully my husband is doing well. Funny thing is that he's experiencing some depression as a result of the operation. His body misses its left kidney, and apparently that's not unusual. And he's not healing physically as fast as he expected. In a normal day he's all zoomzoomzoom. Now he rests a lot. This isn't normal for him. Mister type A, never sick a day in his life, sort of guy. Rest is a challenge.

I needed the pause the rain provides. The kids did as well. No one on the transplant team prepared us for the after-journey. Four to six weeks till going back to work is typical, BUT, considering all my husband's work is physical, one employee on the transplant floor recommended 3 months. Ewwww. Not that he wants to zoomzoomzoom, but he can't.

I'm not sure my husband always understands my mindset, but, as they say, opposites attract. He, and for that matter, our daughter who is moving away, require constant motion. Their glass is continually getting stirred, and they thrive on that. I need the contents of the glass to settle, otherwise I begin to shut down.

Thank the Lord for the rain.