Thursday, September 5, 2019

{a home day}

Today is the first day in awhile, like over a month or so, when I don't have to leave the house and it's just me here with the least one. It's quiet. No under current.

Woodboy left to go to his shop, but probably won't stay all day. His energy level improves daily, but he's always relieved when he gets back home and can pull on comfy clothes and exhale. Being out in the world can be an effort.

A very close friend was recently diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer, and Woodboy spent several hours at the clinic with him yesterday, along with his daughter and our priest. No chemo then, but an infusion of hydration.
Life can be so full of exhausting tasks. Emotionally taxing, where finding the blessings is hard. 

But on we plod.

I sometimes envy those 'happy go lucky' types who zip through life, all cheerful and optimistic, but deep in my heart, I consider them shallow. I prefer folks who understand pain, even the emotional sort, and don't gloss over hardship. Don't tell me it'll be okay, because you can't make me that promise.

I've been guilting out this week on thinking of taking dinner to a couple of families at church who have husbands with new hips, back issues...and it's weighed on me. That Still Quiet Voice spoke yesterday, put me at my ease, and said that just increasing a meal and freezing it would be sufficient. Have a ready stash.
God never pushes me, but gently guides.

Oldest daughter tells me to go easy, not to overdo. Maybe God says likewise?

Simple pleasures are very healing now. A new hanging basket I bought at the grocery store (million bells) and hung on the porch yesterday. Fall colors. A new little flag to slip on my in-ground stand. Again, a fall design. My seasonal wreaths changed on the doors. Washing of sofa covers today. Fresh smells in the house with pumpkin candles, even though September is still blistering.

A slow down as autumn approaches, and considering with me at 60, guess I might as well face the fact that I'm in the autumn of life as well. Not an easy realization. This old crone is sort of kicking and screaming, though silently. 

But today is good. No hard decisions but for deciding where to place the sprinkler first, what to put in my Instapot (which is the greatest invention ever), and schoolwork with the least one. All manageable.

I'll rest my wee mind and continue to heal from all the past few months have thrown (not gently tossed) my way. Consider: Three of our children have moved out-of-state in the last year. Even that is a lot for a mom to drink in. All positive, but still.

We should go easy on ourselves. A quote I read yesterday said: 'When you feel overwhelmed, you're trying too hard.'~Thich Nhat Hanh

Wise words. I'll add...when you feel overwhelmed, maybe too much is on your plate. Take some off.

Enjoy your day.