Friday, October 11, 2019

{friday morning}

It's raining again.  Very calming for this rattley old brain.

Slept so good last night. I've changed my Smartphone habits, having deleted the couple of games I've enjoyed, plus staying off my reading app. Got out one of my nice, worn out William Faulkner's and read for half an hour, then off I went to sleep. Not sure if it's his long, rambling sentences or what, but as far as reading material, I sleep better after a dose of Faulkner than anyone else's books, and, funny thing, he could be explaining the most horrendous situation, but I settle right in. I do love him so.

Going to make my theme the next couple of days to lessen my stress. Yes, easier said than done. Told my husband that as each child pulls away (which I realize they should do), I need to change my reaction and go with it, not tug. My heartstrings do go ping, but maybe I would benefit by not being needed so much. Find myself. Ease up. Let life sort of happen and not trying to manage it. That actually sounds pretty good.

I spend overmuch time grieving the past, sometimes forgetting that the Lord often works slowly, but that He still IS behind the scenes, doing His will.

I just get so tired.

But anyway...going to putter around the house, mop the kitchen floor, get the rest of the house tidy. I do like a clean house for the weekend, not sure why. Settles my mind.

I would apologize to you for my depressed state of mind, but I won't. Not fond of the saying 'it is what it is,' but it is! It's hard work to plow through, but plow I must. But gently. Maybe with a tiny fork just now.

Enjoy your Friday. Hope your weather is as blissful as mine.