Saturday, October 12, 2019


This summer on our front porch I acquired quite a substantial succulent collection, and with the temperatures dipping into the 40's last night, I brought them in. I know they would've been fine, but might have fussed and wrankled a tiny bit. Happily, my husband made some wooden brackets and brought home an old piece of pine shelving and set up a spot for my plants over my art table, in front of the double windows over my table. Delightfully crowded.

So yesterday I tidied my painting area, sorted pencils and markers, and shelved my watercolor paper and sketchbooks. Much more enjoyable to work in clean surroundings.

Now the only plants who will want bringing in are my prickly pear cactus and my two Christmas cactus. Easy to squeeze them in somewhere.

Quiet here this morning. Husband at church doing his sorting out, son at work, so it's just me here with the least one. I can hear the chickens rustling in their yard, trying to keep warm..always scratching the dirt. They're molting, so look horrible, their coop full of dropped feathers. Really dreadful. Looks like someone cut open a pillow.  Nora and Milk manage fine, but Anastasia always goes through a few drunk days, walking around like she's suffered a stroke, but this is typical for her. The other 2 drop their feathers gradually, but, every fall, Anastasia loses hers all at once, and I think it's a shock to her system. She's not so addled today.

Flowers to buy and arrange for the altar, a reading light to pick up as well, but not much else going on. We'll have Hazel on Monday, rather than Tuesday, so I'll get organized before then. Make sure we have some food Hazel enjoys and such. Boxed mac and cheese is her go-to lunch here. Always loves it.

Praying for the weekend to be restoring. A couple of days of ease.

Take care.