Wednesday, November 13, 2019

{a gathering of thoughts}

After, what seemed to me, to be a hectic few days, the remainder of the week should be settled. Been cold as all get out for the last few days as well, but will steadily warm up, so they say. Seems we bypassed fall and jumped straight into winter. 

Thankful news. One of our out-of-town wanderers texted me a week ago, asking about rental property in the neighborhood. Military son and his wife (Hazel's parents) already live quite near, so for another one to be wanting to do the same makes me quite giddy. He and his partner (sorry, have to resist the term boyfriend) are now living at Hazel's for the time being, making for a very full house, especially since they brought their 3 small dogs. 

Son's partner has already found a job, and our son will follow suit shortly. Much to do, mainly finding a place to live after they leave Hazel's. 

Our weekend had been busy, mainly because we dogsat for them 2 days, including one overnight. The pugs were indifferent, but Romeo, who is seisure-prone, stayed drugged on Benedryl. Now, all quiet here.

Interesting story, and very enlightening for us:  Speaking of our gay son...I don't know, maybe Southerners suffer from hillbilly tendencies, but our son said he's not welcome at his partner's parent's place, which is several hours from here. Said the dad waved a gun at our son, ordering him off their property. Well, okay. A bit extreme but don't know their history with their son, so no judgement. 

But I had a very sweet conversation with this son the other day, saying we didn't seem to handle well his relationship with his previous partner. He followed by saying he didn't handle his part in it well either. I said that forgiveness goes a long way. He agreed.

He told me that when they brought over the dogs the other day, his partner was very touched by my husband shaking his hand. I shared with my husband their reaction, and he said with a grin that he wasn't the bad guy. I said the isn't any bad guy! 

So, youngest daughter spoke to them about coming for Thanksgiving, which we never offered to the previous partner, mainly because as a family, we were never in one spirit about it. We never could come together, so we kept that door shut. Youngest daughter really struggled with this, which I had to honor. My husband and I were broken, what with dealing with the gay aspect of our son's life, and so hospitality sort of flew out the window. 

It appears our table will be full this Thanksgiving with having this same daughter's boyfriend as well. 

I want to mother, but also protect, and as a result, sometimes flub it. Thank you Lord for healing and second chances. This son blessed me by saying he was tired of living away, and wanted to be near his people again. What mother wouldn't love that?