Thursday, November 14, 2019

{mental break}

Life tends to be too much for me, usually said in a general sense. It's my children, worries about their choices, but today I'll step back a bit. Might stretch my mental health holiday through the weekend. 

I have several new magazines, splurge-buying. Daphne's Diary, a couple of seasonal Where Women Create/Cook, and the new Magnolia Journal. The Women Create ones are so expensive,  and I've been able to buy some online cheaper, with free shipping. If you follow them on Instagram or subscribe to their emails, you can often find the deals. 

Also I'm waiting for a box of tea arriving from England called Tetley's Biscuit Brew. Supposedly it tastes like tea and biscuits, and what's not to love about that? 

Been using my French press for morning tea lately. I need more filters for my pour over, so am changing it up. This week I'm making Tetley loose tea with an added crushed cardamom pod along with a few drops of vanilla extract. Oh my goodness. Sweetened and with half and half, it's delicious.  

As for reading, have just a bit of Elizabeth Goudge's A City of Bells to go. It's a re-read, but just as good the second time. Then will start Penelope Wilcock's Hawk and Dove series. This will be a re-read as well, at least the first 3 books. Am acquiring the whole series, which I've not finished. Seems there are, like, 8 or 9 in the whole set. A cozy fall/winter read.

And to cap off this quotidian post, I just got an update on my Ancestry DNA results. My husband had gifted me with a DNA test earlier in the year, and when you hear the results, you'll understand my tea fetish. My kids say that I'm 'whiter than white bread' and with good reason. 85% Great Britain and NW Europe, which, oddly enough includes France and Denmark. And the results change as the technology improves. I also gave a smidge from Ireland/Scotland, Germany, Sweden and Norway. And smidge is about it. I think the term Anglo-Saxon would be an appropriate tag at this time. 

Hoping with my genealogy research I can even the score with my husband. His mom received proof in the mail years ago that she's related to Francis Cooke, who was on the Mayflower. So far, he's got me beat in the coolness category. But I'm trying. 

Well, slow start to my day, but that's fine. Tidying and sorting. Sweeping and dusting. Chicken and Dumplings for dinner. A comforting day all around. 

Take care.