Monday, November 25, 2019


They call it monkey brain...those thoughts that spin in your head, refusing to let go. 

It's how you look at what's staring you in the face, and I realize that. I can get all twitchy about stuff, but when I step back, nothing is really hanging fire. 

I've mentioned before how my husband is always *on*. He'll get into something, complete it, move on, always doing, constantly in motion, filling his time with activity. 

It's contagious. 

Told him the other night just that, not blaming, but making the observation. I can no longer keep up my mirroring of his method of living. Works for him, and keeps him steady, but is overmuch consistent movement for me. I require stillness. But, on the flipside, stillness after awhile irritates him. Yes, polar opposites. But when you're around someone who's always busy, you tend to feel you should also always be busy. 

Having to relearn who I am. Been in survival mode. Been too busy, but, my goodness, the house is tidy. 

I often end my posts here with "Enjoy your day."  Sadly, I seem to be trying to remind myself of that necessity, but rarely practicing it. 

My husband will finish a task and jokingly say, 'Now what?' I've gotten so I mentally say the same, but it's not my natural way.

Full stop. Time to nurture myself. Step back. Not be in a feverish state. Appreciate the moment. You get what I'm saying. And here at Thanksgiving's door, it would pay to observe and amend. 

Today:  Dropping off least one at someone's house, buy another turkey. Putter at home. Return to pick up the least one. Enjoy being home.

The end.