Friday, November 29, 2019


Enjoyed my tea-time this morning. Having a slow start to the day. Only chores are to pick up some *on hold* books at the library, my particular brand of iron at the drugstore (such a struggle with anemia), and drop off a child. 

And I must say, Thanksgiving couldn't have been any sweeter. The guest, who I was fretting over, came and was delightful.  Our son and his friend were a joy. Daughter and her boyfriend pulled up the rear, having already been to his house, with his family, for the day. And oldest daughter had spent the afternoon here, helping with last minute cooking. 

Everyone is exhausted today, and no, we don't shop the day after. Happily we do have leftover turkey for sandwiches. White bread, a little sprinkle of salt with mayonnaise,  please. And we'll gobble up everything else at dinner tonight. 

Tomorrow I'll hang my Christmas wreaths on the outside doors and bring out my tabletop Santa. Put my Christmas books on the coffee table. Gradually decorate. The least one wants to schedule an evening for her boyfriend to come over, watch the movie 'Prancer' and decorate our tree. Maybe we'll make chili that night. 

Soft quiet days I crave. No hustle and bustle. Lovely.