Tuesday, November 19, 2019


There's something so deeply satisfying about straightening up what's been neglected. For weeks our front porch has been a disgrace with messy shoes in a pile, dried up plants in pots, and overall disarray. Yesterday youngest son and daughter helped me tidy up the frost bit flowerbeds, spread my confiscated pinestraw, and overall make the outside of our house look tended to. Figured with Thanksgiving being next week, it would pay to do some things *not* at the last minute. 

Also, since Hazel comes on Tuesdays, I enjoy having the house spiffed up. Our house undergoes a transformation while she's here with Duplos, Peppa Pigs and Barbies strewn about, but wouldn't change a thing. Plus, I've, over the months, gotten wise to the notion of having Tuesday's dinner planned ahead, so after she leaves, I don't have to run to the store. 

So today is simply a Hazely day. And really, the only thorn in having her over, or, anyone over is our dog Romeo. He's very high strung, but is *the best* guard dog. That he tends to have seizures is a hovering concern, but the Benedryl really helps. No seizures in 3 months, which is a record. Thing is, he's so wound up all the time, he can't be trusted, so spends Hazel days in the kitchen. The pugs are indifferent to most company, but Romeo is totally the opposite. 

So in a few minutes will put dinner in the crockpot, start a load of clothes, and fluff up the living room. Spray some pumpkin-scented Febreze, light a fall candle, put away last night's clean dishes...take a breath. 

Enjoy your day.