Monday, December 30, 2019

{fresh baby}

We start the New Year with a darling grandson, born at around 3am this morning. Little Cooper William is tiny, at just a bit over 7 pounds, and is very healthy. Thankful for that. And our sweet daughter-in-law is fine. Such a brave girl, having a safe, regular delivery, after having a c-section with their first child, just over 2 years ago. 

All is well. We exhale, and breathe in thankfulness. 

This week is a time of rest. Next week the least one's final semester of her senior year of high school starts up. We begin babysitting Hazel again after Christmas break, and our winter routines settle in. 

I shall relish the next few days. Rest, relax, try to not borrow trouble. Seek the joy. 

A healing time after all holiday fuss. May it be so.